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12 November 1983
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Welcome to my blog!

Feel free to read and comment on any entries you'd like. I used to keep about 75% of my entries as friends-only, but I now try to make public as many as possible, for your reading enjoyment. If you'd like to add me to your friends list, feel free, but note that I don't add everyone to my own friends list.

I also have a "professional" blog on Wordpress and a mostly photo-oriented blog on Tumblr but I don't plan to leave Livejournal anytime soon and will occasionally cross-post content here from those blogs.

The title-subtitle format of my entries was inspired by crazykidben.

Read more about some of my recent travels and architecture pilgrimages:

May 2017: Connecticut and New York Parts One Two Three Four and Five
October 2012: Detroit, Lansing, and Ann Arbor, Michigan Parts One and Two
October 2010: Toronto Parts One Two and Three

Louisville, Kentucky.

I live for cities, especially the underrated American ones.

More about me:

I am originally from New Mexico, where I ate enchiladas like popcorn. Which is convenient because I don't like popcorn. I graduated from Duke with a B.A. in cultural anthropology and public policy, then spent four years working for Duke. They gave me health insurance and a retirement plan and stuffed me full of spring rolls and ham biscuits during that time, and I can't decide which of those four-year periods was better. Then I spent two years in Michigan for graduate training in urban planning and apple picking. I geeked out on transit planning, how cities can shrink while remaining healthy, and incorporating digital tools into urban planning practice. Now I live in Washington, DC and plan to stay for a good while, but travel will always be in my life.

My grand yet flexible life plan includes: getting a yard and taking care of it as an exercise in self-discipline, proving gender is a not terribly useful social construction, weaning myself off of ham biscuits, and retiring to El Pino Real, my great grandparents' 107-year old sheep ranch.

My Amazon wishlist, for your gift-giving fancy. If any.

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