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One more week of summer school!

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Aug. 3rd, 2003 | 11:16 am
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Le Tigre "FYR"

I get to go to New Mexico on Friday!! Yay! Just one more week of summer school to get through and then it is over. I did enjoy some aspects of this summer, like hanging out with Eddie and Ian and Kelly, as well as lurking around campus all the time. I've also done very well with academics this summer ... I *technically* got a 4.0 for Summer Session I, but only because I was just taking one class. Ha. And I expect to get an A in my current class too, so woo. I also really enjoyed having an apartment, particularly a kitchen, but I'll live without it. Especially because I won't have a roommate this year! Yay!

Overall, I'm glad to see the summer go, then, and that has made me start packing early. I went and bought a dolly and a bunch of packing tape, and I started packing up boxes yesterday. I have several ready to go into storage and one to send home, so I feel rather accomplished. But there's still SO much crap to pack, so I'm gonna keep busy this week. And I still have to write a short story and finish my writing journal for class. Weee.

Last night was pretty fun. Kelly, Eddie, Ian, and I went to Peppers in Chapel Hill and talked randomly over pizza and calzones, and we rocked out to various screamy music on the way over and back. Then we came back for a bit and Mom called. They were all on the way back from Santa Fe, looking for a dress for Auntie Berna's wedding (which she didn't find) and doing other general shopping, so that means when I fly home, we're going to the mall! In the city! Think of that! (Okay, it's not that fabulous, but I do need shoes.) Then Kelly and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, which was pretty entertaining, but I got lost toward the end and couldn't figure out who was doing what on which ship. Also, the special effects were slathered on way too thickly, mostly just to show off. Yes, you can make people look dead in moonlight and alive as soon as they step out of it. Oooh, so special. I want to fuck every special effects person in Hollywood now. Because it's so impressive. < /sarcasm >

Also this week, I'll be deciding which job to take for the fall. I already have two offers, but I can't decide which one I like better. I also scheduled two other interviews this week, but I think I might cancel one, because it's for a job that doesn't sound very entertaining at all (heavy lifting, cataloging thirty years of crap, and the only work study student in a very sleepy-looking office). The other is in the pretty new Genome Sciences Building, though, and a better job, so I'm looking forward to it. Once I have the info on that job (and if I'm in the running for it), I'll compare them all and decide before I go home.

Yay for employment.

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