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First day of school smell.

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Jun. 30th, 2003 | 04:44 pm
mood: productiveproductive

The construction has made campus smell like the first day of school today ... appropriate. In any case, it's been a pretty good day. I slept too late to go to the Logic class I wanted to attend for one day this morning, but I made it to three other classes that were pretty cool. First, a Culanth class that was overflowing with TIP kids and a prof who taught from the corner and just generally looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. Jules and predatoria44 were in it too ... and I talked to a rising freshman in there while we were waiting for the class to start. His overachieving nature was pretty amusing ... he was so uptight and focused and shit, which I suppose was exactly what I was like when I came here freshman year, but I just wanted to tell him to undo another button on his shirt and chill. He's considering majoring in either Econ (barf) or Polisci (barf), and thought my double major combination was "interesting," which made me wanna ask him on the spot what he thought I was gonna do with it, just for kicks, but the class started then, so I couldn't. Ah, fun with young'uns.

My next class was Intro to BAA, which had a really hot young professor guy. And he was a very good teacher too! I would keep that class if I could, particularly cos I'd get to go to the Primate Center next week, but it's at the worst possible time, so I never even considered taking it.

After a trip to Chick-fil-a, I went to the third and final class, Intro to Creative Writing. At first, I looked at the syllabus and wanted to run away before the class even started because the material didn't sound like my kind of thing at all, but I decided to stay, and I'm glad. We had more TIP kids in there, who for some reason were staring relentlessly at me and this other guy, Levi, for whatever reason. I should hit on them if they keep doing that, haha. In general, it was fun though, cos we got to do a free-writing exercise which I used as a vehicle to decry private schools, suburbs, and people who are obsessed with status and spend their lives trying to get their kids into said private schools. It was fun.

I also managed to get the hold taking off my Bursar Account with three quick phone calls, so it looks like Duke has magically found Mom's check and my big loan. Now if my paycheck would show up, all would be well.

Now I think I should go for a run, before it starts pouring and shit.

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