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pre-frosh #2

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Apr. 4th, 2002 | 11:34 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: "Kappas have big sticks ... " ... best stepping music ever!

so i'm at it again ... Latino Student Recruitment Weekend started today, and my PF is from Miami and named Armando ... he's hot, i suppose i should mention ...

i just got back from a few hours of hanging out with all the PFs, who are pretty cool as usual ... there's a guy from New Mexico named Joseph (from Las Cruces), and people like Maria, Kelly, and many others I completely forgot the names of ... oh well ...

so i met my guy in the Bryan Center and talked with a group of these kids, who had a billion questions ... then we went over to the LSRC to be talked at by administrators, followed by pizza and cookies and sweet tea ... Pat showed up for the free food, so I ate with him, and he brought Creepy German Guy (who isn't really that creepy) and a friend ... fun stuff ...

after that, we went over to East and crowded into the Coffeehouse with ice cream and a step show by the Kappa Alpha Psis (i wish i could put Greek letters in here ... maybe there's a way), Lady Blue a cappella, and two guys with guitars ... all good music ... so we talked a lot about getting into college and SATs and extracurriculars (the vital stuff of life for HS seniors ... ha ha) and then i brought my guy over to GA ... and here i am ... not studying for my Spanish test tomorrow ... so i better go ...

People of the Day -
DOOK STUDENTS: Pat, Sarah, Ian, Cris (Rivera), Harry (Philips)
P-FROSHES: Armnado, Kelly, Laura, Joseph, and those whose names I forgot ...

Boy of the Day - Armando ... ho yeah! (and he has the AWESOME Miami accent ... woo woo! but sex is not listed in my duties as a host ... aww)

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