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Jun. 2nd, 2003 | 08:38 pm
mood: disappointeddisappointed

I just finished watching the FCC's decision on changing media rules. Blah. Oh well, the two commissioners who opposed the change were pretty awesome, as were the chanting people! And it looked like Jesse Jackson fell asleep in the audience, ha.

The coolest thing ever is when a cute Indian mother tells you "You covered EVERYTHING, Jonathan! EVERYTHING!" at the end of your tour, tee hee. Even though I didn't talk about a few things cos the tour started late and I had to go to class. I had to run down to Admissions and back up to campus in order to make it on time, in fact.

Which is probably why when I woke up from a nap earlier, my legs hurt SO bad that I could barely walk ... I ran yesterday too, for exercise, but had planned on not doing any running today. Boo for too much leg exertion. I took Tylenol and ate though, so I feel better now.

Have to go print reading and get all the way through it for tomorrow so my class doesn't get scolded again for not doing that. Most of us did two out of the three readings, and at a time when we had two papers to write, no less. We'll see what we're deficient in tomorrow though.

And I can't find three books for my class! I'm screwed if I don't get them soon.

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