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May. 10th, 2003 | 01:26 am
mood: scaredscared
music: TLC "Lovesick"

I am starting to feel the itch to write a long entry about sophomore year now that it's over. It has been awesome, so I think I should, but of course I know how it's gonna turn out: at least 17 handwritten pages long (or the typed equivalent), full of lists, way too analytical and mushy, and will take like 2 months to complete ... so basically, exactly like the ones that I did in high school. They got so out of hand that I never wrote the summations of senior year and freshman year here at Dook cos the task was so daunting. But I think I can do this one ... and the past year definitely warrants it, so hopefully I start that soon.

People are continuing to go home, so I have less close friends around. Caroline and Alexis both leave tomorrow, but Eddie will be coming back, so there will still be someone ... and of course, Stephen is here til Monday ... la. The loneliness, it wants to eat me.

Caroline gave me her West Club Boulevard sign, though!! Yay! With this wonderful road sign, I can get through the whole summer without having to leave my apartment ... haha.

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