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Apr. 4th, 2003 | 05:24 pm
mood: exhaustedexhausted

Today was pretty tiring, but worth all the trouble, I suppose. I woke up at 7.45 to get everything ready for the love-in, and Alexis and I stumbled out of Decker up to Chapel Quad at 8.15 ... she had to leave pretty much immediately after to go interview Unis, so I sat out there with a pile of stuff until Toby came at 9.30ish ... we set up and she immediately started handing out daisies while I blew bubbles.

Eventually I went up to the Chapel steps and waited for a tour group with Jasmine, the other tour guide ... two B.N. Duke finalists showed up, and that was it. We didn't expect more cos the tour was optional, plus they had other (later) times to take tours, so I just did the tour myself. The guy and the girl were both from the same school, I think, and I just wandered around and answered their random questions without subjecting them to the mindless spiels they probably already knew ... and my meandering course took us to Cameron! I've always wanted to take tour groups there ... wee! So after more touring and leading them through the Perkins stacks, I left them and ran all over campus to do errands.

I eventually got to class on East, which was okay but I still refused to talk to my group people. Ha, I suck. Then I got lunch and went off to work, and some guy on the bus was happy that Toby had given him a daisy: "I got it from a real hippie! She was over there!"

Work was pretty tolerable and passed by quickly, as I contemplated all the things I'm going to take from there on my last day. Anybody want anything?? *plays innocent*

After work I went back to the love-in and walked up and down from Edens to there repeatedly. On one sojourn through the back of Edens, I noticed that some frat (I think Kappa Sig) was having a barbecue/beer-a-thon in the mead hall, and apparently they made their pledges rip their clothes up, so one guy that was walking in front of me had his pant legs split open almost all the way up ... what an ass he had, haha!!! Later on I got to thinking about it and realized they looked like they had all come straight out of gay construction porn!! Woo!

I must nap now before I 'splode of being tired.

It was a guy and a girl

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