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Apr. 2nd, 2003 | 01:11 am
mood: draineddrained
music: Kinito Mendez once again ...

Today was fairly awesome. After having slept through my commitments/general things to do on Saturday, Sunday, andyesterday, I made it to classes and made up an hour of work. Sad how I feel so accomplished just going about my daily routine, but I'll get back in the swing of things soon. I also had an ersome* salad from The Great Hall today ... when I spontaneously add every topping I can think of (plus macaroni salad) to my salad, it tends to come out really well.

After the faux-hawk obsession hour (a.k.a. house course), we had a fun Chinese food party in the commons room. It was sort of in honor of Alexis' birthday, even though we paid for the whole meal with her food points, but she was happy to offer them up. I swear, the order to Grace's was frighteningly long, and we got it in a giant box ... I commend Grace's for getting it done and over to our dorm so quickly, yay! So Greta, Alexis, Eddie, Ian, Sarah, Sarah, Rachel, Caroline, and I ate hugely and almost had a food 'splosion while literally picking apart the Duke viewbook to get at the trading cards for each major. What a fucked up viewbook, ha. (It is priceless, according to the cover).

So after that and a semi-pointless trip to East Campus, I exercised a bit and now I'm off to bed. And I didn't do any April Fools, but it don't matter.

*credited to Weiting ... wee!

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