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As I was saying ...

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Mar. 20th, 2003 | 04:14 pm
mood: infuriatedinfuriated
music: NCAA tournament

I'm extremely angry ... apparently, we started bombing Iraq just before I went to see George Clinton last night, so Duke Students Against the War on Iraq planned to walk out of classes, work, etc. today at noon to protest.

Polisci class in itself was almost enough to make me leave in anger ... we talked about the sexual assaults that have been going on at the Air Force Academy, and the statistics the girl cited freaked the hell out of me. Rebecca is only a second-year, and though she was never like my close friend, I've known since something like 7th grade ... gah, I hope she's okay. Then the prof polled the class to ask who thought women were "necessary" the to the U.S. military and I was the only person, out of 29, who said yes. I don't understand why they think they're justified in wanting to deny half the population the right to serve in the armed forces, especially if they're pro-war. Clearly there are lots of women who want to be in the military, and in addition to the fact that I think they can contribute a lot, no one can deny them that right.

In any case, I did walk out of class at noon, and I'm glad that I did ... I noticed a lot of other people watching the clock really closely, but I was the first one to leave, so I didn't see if other people were leaving. La. The rally on the quad was pretty cool, and so many people I know were there ... I was there for about 45 minutes before going to work. And now I'm here, and contemplating taking a nap ... it would certainly help get me less cranky.

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