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26 hours to Spring Break ...

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Mar. 6th, 2003 | 12:21 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: The Faint "Glass Danse"

Everything is going well overall. Yesterday was a bit somber, especially in going to Mass and hearing about how we're supposed to admit our wretchedness to God ... yeesh. But I'm doing better today and it seems like most everyone else is too. It's spring weather! So I don't mind even if it rains cos it's not cold anymore.

I just did my Polisci presentation that I prepared way too much for ... it went fine, and I wasn't questioned by the professor for having something completely wrong. Also, the class had some reasonably good debate and all was well.

Now off to work, class, and a haircut. Then I can fill out my financial aid stuff and be free! (Well at least until work tomorrow anyway).

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from: ballyhoo
date: Mar. 6th, 2003 10:35 am (UTC)

Congrats on the presentation! I think I am going to blow off my next paper and maybe even class tomorrow. So tonight, fun shall be had by all!

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