jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Well, we're back.

But if not for these "job" things, we might have stayed forever and lived as dairyhands.

Wisconsin was super fun, and exceeded expectations! That makes 33 states for me, and 13 state capitols. I somehow thought I was now at 14, but close enough. I also added Indiana to my list, since we stopped there twice for gas (once each direction, it isn't that big) and once for a very uninspiring lunch.

The wedding was also fabulous, and they really put a ton of effort into making it happen on the relatively remote "farm" property. Spent two days hanging out with Keith, Tristan, Kate, and her husband Dave as well. Kate fried us cheese curds! I have basically 300 photos on my phone, maybe I'll share those in future posts.
Tags: state capitols project, travel, wisconsin
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