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'Twas a winning day.

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Feb. 13th, 2019 | 11:08 pm

And I'm not even the one sentencing Paul Manafort.

I have 2,004 photos of the Louisiana State Capitol, so. Eternal B-roll.

I woke up at something ludicrous like 4:45 from bad dreams, borne of dread that I was due to spend today working at the Suburbs Office. Since I didn't see any more sleep coming after 45+ minutes of tossing, I got up, packed lunch, went to Starbucks for a giant coffee so I wouldn't wake B fussing with the coffee maker, and just went there early. Arriving at 7:20 is a perfect situation if you need quiet to get shit done. Which I did! The area with standing desks on the 8th floor is usually deserted, but since my last visit Finance has hired 4 interns and they were all on the counter directly across from me. Good to have their energy, and someone else to correct mislabeled voucher entries. There was also a giant array of muffins, bagels, Danish, fruit, and spreads in the kitchen on that floor. Major free food win.

Later in the day we got an email from our receptionist back in the DC office warning of a "chemical odor" in the suite. Turns out the renovation we are getting (folding one of the adjacent, now-vacant suites into ours) is at a critical point where it's also hard to coexist with the construction/demolition crews, so people quickly started cancelling meetings and scrambling for remote work spaces. It was coincidentally a great day for me to not be there, and it sounds like I won't be back there until some point next week.

I had marked off time to go to the gym at 2:30, and by that point was very sleepy and not at all feeling it. But I just marched down there and forced myself through chest and triceps. Very proud that I did! I certainly felt better after that and a shower, and was able to wrap my final meeting on a somewhat higher energy level, leave by 4:45*, and gas up the car.

I also set up an oil change appointment for Friday, the next day I'll be there. Tomorrow it is off to a random coworking space for me, which work did kindly set up. It happens to be super close to my apartment, so the winning continues. I can even come home for lunch if I wish.

*Still a nine hour day not counting the workout. Blah, capitalism.

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from: silverthief2
date: Feb. 15th, 2019 04:39 am (UTC)

It is a thing, but usually only 1 day/week. This has been an exceptional week due to the construction.

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