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I still do things other than read books.

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Jan. 7th, 2019 | 11:55 pm

Though that will taper off when my tower of library holds comes in.

I am still undecided about whether to continue to write backdated entries to cover what I did for the rest of 2018 after my initial attempts. I did get through January in a total of four entries, and I had a live entry that covered much of February, so there was progress made. However, I got unfriended by more than one person after I started to post those* so I am unsure if it would lead to losing more LJ audience. On the other hand, 1) it isn't all that difficult to piece together what I was doing from the dreaded Other Social Media Accounts and cover each missed month with perhaps two entries, and 2) it is my journal, after all. It may come down to whether I decide to put my otherwise idle time into this vs. reading.

In the meantime, let's keep up with what is happening with me in 2019! I am usually very much not a resolution-type, but will nevertheless happily attribute my recent productivity to the date. On Friday I paid off B's final dental bill for his implants, which I'd been putting off pending a hail mary to attribute the cost to a new year when we hadn't maxed out our coverage, but that was a no-go since the final procedure (mostly a checkup, really) occurred in 2018. So, whatever. Take your $104, periodontist. It's off our plate forever.

Fitness-wise, I went running almost on a whim yesterday afternoon. After dropping B at work**, there isn't much sunlight left around this time of year, but the days now get slightly longer every week, and with a high of about 55 in January I know I would be far from the only one out there. So I did it! My phone is entering the battery drain swirl and died about 2/3 of the way through but I know it happened. Then, much to my surprise, I went running again today during my "lunch" hour at 3. It was far colder today, but with gloves, earmuffs, and a sense of eternal stubbornness I still got some miles in. As of now, I'm the most prolific runner of 2019 among my (four) friends on the running app!

Social-wise, I saw a ton of people Friday night at Trade: Nasser, Eric, Andrew, Brandon, Ben, Patrick Ry., Patrick Ro., and he brought his friend Brandon*** from New York. After watching a lackluster Drag Race episode among the crowds, we commanded a booth and had a lovely time. Saturday was not intended to be a going out night as I had Great British Bake Off on and was listing neglected books for online resale, but then Blake called and wanted to chat. I took a Lyft up there and we had on tap margaritas at El Chucho, the ultimate cheap therapy session, then I dropped him off at home and walked back here. So good habits abounding and trying to be social too.

I don't have a ton to report on at work. One new feature is my "career effectiveness" coach, who is basically a sounding board and a good reason to stop making excuses, a valuable combination for corporate life. :) Today was my fifth session, and I have a more specific and realistic plan for what I will be doing in 2019 than ever. Overall I need to work on implementing her recommendations so good habits persist after our sessions wrap at the end of January, including turning off my inbox for a couple of hours a day because it will get me to focus at least a bit better and move time from mundane tasks to the meaty stuff I actually want to do.

On that note, I need to head to the Suburbs Office tomorrow, an earlier morning than usual to account for the driving time all the way up there. Surely my good habits will unravel as soon as I get there and smell the bacon coming from deli breakfast sandwiches and there is nowhere to walk for non-grease or work out. But it was nice while it lasted?

*Backdated entries still appear in one's friends list as of the time they were posted.
**His most consistent shift is 4 pm to closing on Sundays.
***Get new baby names, America. Yeesh.

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Comments {6}

 ♥  Apollonia  ♥

(no subject)

from: pane_carasau079
date: Jan. 8th, 2019 12:05 pm (UTC)

First of all, I was wondering how you knew what you did on a certain date... totally didn't think of FB time hop or something hahaha. That blows that some people weren't digging it. However, glad to see you're posting more often in 2019! :)

Has the DMV area have any snowfall yet? I've weirdly missed being there..

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: Jan. 9th, 2019 03:30 am (UTC)

Yes, I have the Timehop app that is pulling in my posts from Swarm, Facebook, and Twitter and that helps. But I can also just scroll back if needed.

No snow at all! Just cold rain, which is miserable.

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