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The whole world is a skating rink.

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Jan. 9th, 2018 | 01:33 pm

And I'm going to break a hip.

Winter continues to have its way with us! I'm glad I made my Target run on Sunday before it all happened, so as to avoid skidding off the 14th Street Bridge and having to be fished out. Yesterday a freezing rainish sort of precipitation was going for most of the afternoon, and the temps stayed low enough that every sidewalk just turned into a sheet of ice. Especially those made of brick and sett pavers.

I was just finishing a 31-day step challenge that evening and was concerned I'd have to walk back and forth in my hallway a hundred times to get the step count* done, but I managed anyway! After tottling home from the bus stop, I changed and got an Uber to meet B at DC9 because there was no way I'd have successfully walked there without falling on my face. I even had to ask the poor driver to move up by like eighteen inches in my driveway so that I didn't have to clutch on to the side of his car to get in. He did a great job, though, and the streets were adequately salted/sanded.

Going out of order a bit, I was watching the Golden Globes and shitposting about them on Twitter Sunday night when a higher-than-usual** commotion of fire trucks made me look out the window, and the bodega on the next block (a two-story building which had an apartment above) was very clearly On Fire. For the next several hours, our entire block was closed as they strung fire hoses all the way from the far side of 13th Street and busted windows and generally tried to put the thing out. Very heroic effort from them, and they even summoned and parked the "canteen truck" because they were clearly not going anywhere for a while. I had to text B to say he was unlikely to get dropped off near our front door after work, and according to my emergency alerts the street didn't reopen until after 5 am. So. That was depressing and humbling.

Work will be a little irregular for the rest of the week. Sooner rather than later we absolutely have to get some long-delayed payment issues resolved, which were folded over from the prior year. But that won't be tomorrow, because my sub-team is having a retreat at the library branch that had an open conference room for the day. I will bring pretty detailed notes of my gripes and grievances, and we either will or won't come up with solutions to them. Given that it is six hours plus lunch, we better gd resolve something.

*The equivalent of walking from the Santa Monica Pier to the base of the Palm Springs Tramway. Love an app that makes these challenges into something creative. And that summons warm thoughts.

**The closest fire station is about four blocks from our apartment and we are used to them flying by if they are en route to calls in our direction.

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