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God is a Japanese broth.

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Dec. 26th, 2017 | 09:11 pm

With apologies to Ariana Grande.

We really didn't get up to much on Christmas or the days leading up to it. Since my last entry, really all we've done is catch up on life. While B was at work on Thursday, I availed myself of finishing my first handful of holiday cards (the only ones that got to people on time, oh well!) and took them to the Post Office on L Street that I never see because it closes promptly at 5 pm, then went off to the gym. I also popped into Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom just for a tea and it was more than a bit hellish. My cashier was in reasonably good spirits considering the hordes, but I really should just gone to a corner store.

Friday was devoted solely to getting my hair cut, for which I was glad Rusty was actually still in town to do. On Saturday we had no choice but to get our Christmas pork, so once B had slept enough to recover from the previous night's shift, we steeled ourselves and drove to Shoppers in the late afternoon. Things were a little dicey in the baking aisle, but everything we needed was in stock and I considered myself lucky we didn't have to buy anything in a gallon can. Seriously, the woman queuing in front of us had multiple vegetable cans of that size; how many people was she feeding?! Then in the evening I finished wrapping all the gifts, not that there were too many not already sent to their recipients. On Sunday we resumed our traditional Popeye's fried chicken feast at Looking Glass. I got there around 7:15 and a good crowd had already gathered. It was not out of control, but also better attended than anyone really expected and we ran out of everything. Note for next year if we're in town: buy an extra family meal!

The actual day was blissfully quiet, though the scads of social media posts are a little bittersweet when you can't get to a house full of family members. Anyhow, we watched basic movies on TV, exchanged gifts over coffee (pretty much all of my gifts were emblazoned with polar bears!), and then had miso soup and katsudon for dinner. Non-traditional Christmas menus two years in a row now. Other than bargain shopping with Andrew (which I'll get to eventually) all I did today was curse at the Jeopardy! contestants and check the bowl game scores (Duke lost another one, are we surprised?), and I'd consider that a pretty good day. Back to work tomorrow!

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