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Being Santa’s dutiful servant now that capitalist work requirements are done.

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Dec. 20th, 2017 | 09:44 pm

Schnapps consumption is not optional in late December.

“Staycation” is kind of a lame term, but I am in fact starting a good and productive jag of time off work while staying in DC. Call that whatever you’d like!

Sunday was pretty lazy, but I did stop at the liquor store while driving B to work so he could buy the requisite coworker gifts. We went to the one on 11th Street that has angle parking along the side, and while he went in to shop I had the privilege of watching multiple people go in and out, also in a harried state and likely buying gifts and libations for holiday parties. It took a bit for the traffic to clear enough for us to even get out of there; bully for District Liquors on what is probably their busiest week of the year. On the way back from dropoff, I stopped at Harris Teeter for some survival groceries.

On Monday I’d committed to work from home but it was pretty nice. I opened the day at the Starbucks by my old internship, which is oddly shaped and thus had a perfect nook for me to hide in while taking calls, and I wrote a batch of Christmas cards during our staff meeting. Then I dropped those at the Post Office, got some lunch at Trader Joe’s, and grazed while on my check-in call with Manager. That was a tad depressing because this is supposed to be our “slow” season but the to-do lists are still unrealistically long, but whatever. Then I came home and did some followups, and was able to go to the gym around 4:45. Tuesday was my last day in the office until the 27th, for which I was magically there at 9*, and had Shake Shack lunch to celebrate the occasion.

Today was a bang up start to the time off! I was able to sleep in but still work out, then drop off my last library book before B and I went to Atlantic Plumbing to see The Last Jedi! I recommend 2 pm movies with beers. Sadly, when we were exactly 7 minutes into the movie the fire alarm went off and we were ushered outside, blinking at the sudden return to daylight. About 15 minutes later it was off and we got back to our seats to finish the movie. I liked it a whole bunch, and better than the last one as the characters got a chance to have more backstory and development (and I ship Frose). On the way out, a staff member was ready with free movie passes for each of us to apologize for the fire-alarm-but-no-fire. Good on them for that gesture.

We decided to head to DC9 to see what this “popup” bar situation was all about. Sheena was there and had a surprising amount of customers for 4:30 on a Wednesday, so I suppose it’s working. Basically, they were making fun of the bars earnestly doing this, but I’m not sure most people got the joke? So we had variations on vodka sodas for a while, and she was kind enough to serve me one forbidden bourbon, then we came home. Now we have Chinese food on the way, and I would pretty much call this a perfect day.

*My usual report time is 10. Thank you, East Coast dayjobbers, for normalizing that.

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from: meringues
date: Apr. 11th, 2018 07:44 am (UTC)

Oh, man, it must have been really inconvenient to have a fire alarm go off in the middle of a movie :( Glad to hear you received some sort of compensation for it!

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