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How did I get through this December with only two holiday parties?

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Dec. 16th, 2017 | 03:34 pm

By being antisocial, mostly.

Blake’s holiday party last night was a smashing good time! It’s also his last in that apartment (more on that below) so a bit of a bittersweet occasion. Based on his texts all week it sounded like the preparations were a bit behind schedule but he and Jack (and the housekeepers that actually cleaned in advance) pulled everything together, including the real Christmas tree that you can get mailed to you! The future is amazing.

His church runs a very good closet for homeless and recently housed folks to use, so instead of gifts he encouraged clothing donations to help them out. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have the time to sort through my closets and drawers to find suitable stuff, but after work on Thursday I did manage to cull through and get a Target bag full of stuff.

I mostly talked to Joe, Jen, and Nasser while there, but cycled through much else of the crowd while I could. He got maybe 35 people in the apartment which felt very full especially with a tree in the living room and the second bedroom full of clothing donations. The snacks were ample and much appreciated since I came straight from the gym, too.

It’s hard to believe I have no other holiday parties with this one and the work party already done, but I’ll take it! Still need to finish up my shopping/wrapping and work Monday and Tuesday before I’m in the clear. And I should put up our own tree, even if it’s only staying up for a week.

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