jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Guest visits of a NC nature.

They always end with 3,000 extra calories.

Mario had been inquiring of B when would be a good time to visit and stay with us, as he has the free time of late. We finally settled on this week, because Thanksgiving madness was behind us and B’s days off are in the middle of the week anyway.

He arrived midday Monday and got settled while I was at work. As an aside, I managed to be early to work that morning even with a breakfast sammich stop at Au Bon Pain. Plus I made it to the gym by 6 and fit in a quick workout. Then I got home, change and dropped off my junk, then drove to AdMo for our planned dinner. Mario’s favorite DC restaurant was always Zenebech Injera, so we met there. One huge magic platter of food later, we were stuffed and I drove us home, then popped out quickly to get ginger ale for him. There isn’t a ton in Adams Morgan that I want to try, but that was on the short list so very glad that happened!

I had to be in the Suburbs Office on Tuesday, so another early morning and I spent the day mostly in meetings with scant time in between to be productive. Whatever, face time has value, at least for the people I saw there. I made it back home a little before 8, then B, Mario, and I promptly walked over to Da Hong Pao for dinner. It was much less crazy than our prior visit for brunch, and they still had some availability of dim sum upon request! We ordered an insane amount of stuff, ate extensively, and took home leftovers. During that I learned how they spent their day, primarily playing on Mario’s Switch (which we hooked up to our TV despite thinking we were out of ports) and visiting Eric’s bar at Logan for lunch. I would much rather have been doing those things than toiling in the suburbs, clearly.

Mario flew back to NC sometime during the next day, but I didn’t see him again as I was in the Suburbs once more. The occasion for that was the train-the-trainers portion of launching Year 2 of Big Project. Having been through this part of the pre-launch before, I felt a little more comfortable with what was going on but also a bit resigned to the fact that the next chapter would be rough. Unlike Year 1, users of Big Project will be in eleven of our offices so it’s hard to predict how troubleshooting will go with a handful of people each in all these remote places. At least they gave us free food for most of the training duration.

Tags: backdated entries, beaming house hq, omg i love food
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