jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Does Vanna have permanent tinnitus from the decades of DING!s?

Or are the sound effects only added for TV? Deep thoughts.

The men’s locker room* here at LGay Fitness recently added a television at the far end, and there are speakers throughout to broadcast audio. I am not a fan of this feature.

Unlike in the office gym, there is no way to mute or lower the volume on the TV itself, even though it is within reach for me. So I just have to live with it. Most stuff can be easily tuned out, but the noise when letters come up on Wheel of Fortune is high enough to hear even from inside the sauna. I don’t know how I endured a whole childhood of having that on at 6:30 pm six days a week.

Other content is highly variable in the annoyance factor. Jeopardy!, the other weeknight staple, is actually kind of fun because you can tune in to try to mentally guess a handful of questions without knowing or caring how the contestants are doing overall. Local news is just as alarm-inducing and fake-objective as ever. Infomercials on Saturdays and old church dudes delivering sermons on Sundays are exactly as mind-numbing as ever.

Given the spotty maintenance record of the gym, I sorta hope it’ll just stop working at some point in the near future.

*I assume the same setup exists in the women’s locker room but cannot confirm.

Tags: backdated entries, lgay fitness 2, television
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