jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

I photographed every pie seconds before it was eaten.

And have no idea what to do with all these pastry shots.

Thanksgiving was quite successful! There were even more people than I was anticipating, a crowd of about 30. But even with some nerves, Serg and Kelly managed it all and we had a fantastic day. I had successfully baked my two pumpkins pies the evening before, and managed to keep them on the counter to cool without knocking them over or otherwise destroying them. That allowed us to have a leisurely morning/early afternoon of quiet introvert time before the madness. And Zoolander was on! Bud picked us up in his gorgeous SUV, and we got there as planned at 3:15ish. Upon our arrival, the turkey had already come out of the oven and was resting but definitely needed more time. We jockeyed for oven space with the many other dishes that needed reheating, then talked Serg off the ledge about adhering to a strict 4 pm eat time and put the turkey back to actually finish!

When all was ready, we ate outside with Kat, Dawn, Jamie, and Jamie Jr. on the back patio picnic table, even though it was a little chilly. There was also a fire pit in the yard, which made for a nice rewarming spot. Overall we got much catching up/gossiping in, and even the kids stayed entertained on a looong day by doing the makeup of various adults present. We finally left after 10, laden with leftover stuffing and mac+cheese. This might have been the first ever occasion where we didn’t run out of those sides.

Tags: backdated entries, holidays, movies, omg i love food
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