jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Only asked for extra dumpling sauce.

Thanks for the extra cold weather and assignments, world.

Well, this week was a little too much of everything, but I survived. Thursday was my day in the Suburbs Office, productive but also 11 hours long (13 if you count drive time)! I arrived at 9:25, did a spot of work, then moved on to a series of meetings, punctuated by a lunchtime trip to Wegman's. I scarfed down hot bar foods in my temporary co-share office then returned to meetings until 4, took a desk in Cube Bullpen because my office had been reserved, and worked until 7:30. Those last few hours were actually quite efficient. Then I headed for their blissfully empty gym, worked out, showered, and wasn't headed to the car for home until 8:45! The drive was quite crappy, lots of rain and still traffic-heavy at that late hour, but at least I'm not due back there until December.

Lots of other week updates to get to, but I'm due at Uproar for pre-birthday drinks with B, David, Lajuan, Ben, and Andrew soon! So I better get my arse in the shower.
Tags: beaming house hq, maryland, weather
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