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Is my any key working?

A sad prerequisite to blogging today.

Ok, well. Manager's first day went smoothly, but holy hell there was too much going on. I arrived at 8:20 and managed to leave promptly at 5 and lunch was provided, but I worked almost every single moment of that time. Her PC and phone were magically ready, which doesn't always happen for new hires, and I showed her how to do the basic things and she sat in on some meetings. In between that I cranked through some neglected items and two new that cropped up, because I couldn't tolerate my to-do list getting any longer.

In addition to those priorities, we also:
  • Hosted a two-and-a-half-day conference downtown. My direct report got pulled into helping with this so she was unavailable half of yesterday and all of today, to support two others that were on site the whole time and various others for half days. All reports are that it went well but serious manpower shortage at a bad time!
  • Finalized hurricane recovery trip. So to give credit where it is due, we are doing some good things. Eight* people (not including me, I would be useless) are traveling to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands next week to conduct an assessment of how our org can help with recovery, and in the process taking several hundred pounds of needed supplies to PR. In addition to spending much of the day on the phone with our travel agent**, my desk neighbor also had to finalize an enormous Amazon order of water filters, toiletries, solar chargers, and more that people both here and in NY were constantly changing. I was super tense just overhearing the whole thing while trying to get my own work done; can't imagine how she felt.
When I got home I had a much-too-early dinner and checked the news, then went down for a nap and crashed hard. Unspecified nightmares kept waking me up before I'd go back down into deep sleep again, at least twice within 90 minutes. I finally got up and went to the store to fetch the few items that B had requested, and the walk helped some. But the tension is still high in my shoulders; I'm drinking tons of water and listening to my fave iTunes to try to counteract that. After this entry I'm getting in the shower and then back to bed for hopefully a more restful time. Let this be my reminder that I couldn't work in super high-stress environments every day. Yeesh.

Anyhow, many good things are coming up in November. Vacation! Around Thanksgiving I will have ten days off in a row; I plan to do very little other than gym trips and read library books, and I won't be checking email or answering calls so New Manager needs to be up to speed-ish by then. My birthday! Not sure what we will do but I intend to float possible plans with Andrew/Brandon/Blake soon. Also, my final payment on another student loan comes up this month. It sounds impossible, but college will be totally paid off by the middle of this month. \o/

*It was seven yesterday, and the additional person's travel was exponentially higher than those booked on Monday. Seriously, don't try to fly to PR right now unless you booked before Hurricane Maria or absolutely have to go.

**We still have a full-time in-house travel agent. It sounds archaic and unnecessary but she is invaluable when you need to know how to get five people and $3,000 of phone chargers and batteries aboard Cape Air inter-island flights, or even find a rental car anywhere on Puerto Rico right now.
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