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At last, Jonathan writes a journal entry ...

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Feb. 21st, 2003 | 09:42 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: the Gilligan's Island theme is on TV .... haha!

I usually don't get behind with events on my Livejournal because typing is so fast, but I've let time get away from me the past couple of days, so here is what's been goin on:

On Wednesday, Caroline, Sarah, Weiting, Alexis, and I planned on making a Bojangales run but it turned into our decision to try to get into the Maryland game ... so we got our food to go and rushed back to campus to stand in line. The line was extremely long (like halfway to Sanford) but Sarah and I got out and staked a place while everyone else went to park the car. It's kind of fun to eat fried chicken and dirty rice and biscuits while you're standing out in the cold waiting to get into a basketball game. Anyway, Jon Ross eventually came (because we'd called him) and he and Sarah smoked a lot as we waited some more ... Alexis, Caroline, and Weiting eventually came back from the Blue Zone and we waited for about half an hour before finally getting in! We didn't get very good seats but considering that we didn't tent AT ALL I was fine with it ...

The game was fabulous, and I yelled at Steve Blake to ask him if he would have my babies ... whee. I also felt a lot better than the Clemson game (when I was really sick) so I could cheer and jump and yell without worry ... and we won! 75-70. So of course that meant ... bonfire. It was actually a pretty tame bonfire, with only a few benches, but there was mud wrestling! Toby and her cameraman were walking around trying to find streakers, so they got a guy to strip to his underwear and two girls taking their tops off, and the girls proceeded to mud wrestle, which was confusing but interesting. The guy ran off but one of the girls got to keep his pants as a prize ... haha.

Then we went back to SHARE, and I got a bit (or maybe more than a bit) drunk cos Jon brought lots of beer. Since we didn't have a bottle opener, I opened Heinekens on Weiting's bed frame ... interesting. I signed onto my IM in her room and IMed a LOT of people, including FAClet Anthony, Brianna, and Mike Vick ... hee hee. Funny stuff ... then I went back to my room and passed out.

Thursday I was really pissed off for some of the day, due to some of my classmates in both of my classes, but I got through it all right. Sitar was the highlight of the day, with Kelly and Stephen ... we also sat with Christina and Adam for a bit, schwa!

Today has been pretty decent ... I realized when I got to history class today that I had read 114 pages of the wrong book, but other than the fact that I couldn't participate in the class discussion, I didn't care because it at least means that I have most of the reading done for next week. Work was boring but I got paid and I got Girl Scout cookies, so whee. And I went to Torero's with Caroline, Sarah, and Weiting for fun times ... and that brings us to the present.

Ack, I have to get ready for some parties!

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