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"Sonny Bono, get off my lanai!"

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Sep. 17th, 2017 | 03:14 pm

Now high on my list of preferred curses.

Well, as predicted my posting schedule has gotten erratic again. But I'm back! Recent happenings that were keeping me away from the LJ include:
  • Last Sunday, Alex H. was in town and we had dinner at District Commons. Though we can't specifically remember where we saw one another last, it was an excellent opportunity to catch up. He was in town for a conference, not that notable except the closing keynoter was Barack Obama. Color me jealous.
  • On Wednesday I went to New York for the day for work. Sounds super fun, but I had literally less than 12 hours in the city and was in our NY office for six of those. The occasion was training for the product we are going to launch in less than a couple of weeks, a product about two years in the making. Maybe more about that later.
  • After my time in the office, I set off for drinks and dinner in Hell's Kitchen with Lee S. He helpfully chose the venues and we had a lovely time, before I got an Uber back to Penn Station just in time for my train. And the Amtrak folks were excellent as always. With luck I'll get more time on the next trip!
  • General catch up on work before and after that trip. Management may be ever closer to hiring a new manager for me, which would cut down on my to-do list a great deal. But then again that's been communicated how many times before and it didn't happen? Too many.

The Emmys are tonight! After I drop B off at work, I'm going to pick up beer and wine and have Andrew and Stuart over for the viewing party. Not sure how we are going to survive red carpet plus the interminably long show, but we'll see!

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