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Football, sweater weather, eating pumpkin-flavored everything even though it's super bland!

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Sep. 2nd, 2017 | 05:35 pm

Joys of fake fall.

Much progress has been made since my last post. I had to wade my way through Geico's mess of a phone tree* three times between Thursday afternoon and Friday, but I finally got an appointment to take OJ to the shop. Tuesday morning at 9:15. And among the options given, I chose one near a Metro station, too, so there will be no need to fuss with one of their terrible rental cars that will be a pain in the arse to park** anyway. It occurs to me I never actually noted in here why I need repairs and why this not-mine insurance company is involved. On August 7th I was rear-ended waiting for a left arrow on Connecticut Ave. Minor, and I was not hurt. But at first I was a little worried about how painful this could become in other ways, especially upon realizing that The Other Guy is a lawyer. But I did everything right and had no contact with him other than through the police and he/Geico accepted liability within a few weeks. Quite a relief to close this soon with not-much drama and no impact on my own policy at my own much-more-excellent insurance company. State Farm, let's make out.

I also was able to parlay a work deadline into a reason to take the day trip to New York! In short, we're responding to an RFP for a possible new client, and the package is due at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on 9/8 and we are going to need every minute we can get to finish. That same afternoon is also when the Suburbs Office session of the training is being offered, so like magic I am going to the NY session on the following Wednesday instead. The training is set for 1:30 to 5. Not going to consume my entire day, and the attendee list includes coworkers that I really like, so I'm quite looking forward to this! It'll be just a loooong day trip, but I enjoy the Amtrak ride and might get to have dinner or happy hour with Lee S. after.

Other fall events are getting scheduled swiftly. We just RSVP'd for Elliott and Stu's wedding! December 10th. Going to be an epic one. I'm thinking no to Geno's wedding in Santa Fe, just not in the cards. But that does mean I should be able to have a whole week off around Thanksgiving, probably to travel to the exact same place. Should I tack on CO or TX legs to that trip? We shall see.

In other news, this morning was my first haircut with Rusty at the new salon! It was quite lovely, and frankly not as different as I was expecting. I do miss the shampoo ladies and receptionists and other people from the old place, but their counterparts at New Place are also lovely. There is also much to watch as they have much more street frontage and his chair is close to the windows, plus being attached to a very gay gym means lots of attractiveness walking in and out. Most importantly Rusty seems to be happy and adjusting well, and he did have a client come in right after me, so I guess I need not worry that people didn't follow him over. He also texted me his schedule to avoid me having to try to make endless dummy appointments online to figure out when he's there. Winning! It was chilly and rainy out as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey pass over us, but that is expected to pass within a day. Let me not rush on pulling sweaters out of the closet.

Tonight Andrew, Taylor, and I are toying with the idea of going to Town. We'll see if the weather and weekend inertia get in the way of those plans. On the motivational side is that Trinity Taylor will be performing! I certainly did nothing last night, just finished up my last book, so I have social points to spare.

*The agents were all perfectly nice, and insisted that "we're here 24 hours/7 days if you need us!" but navigating through the automated options kept dumping me into a voicemail box that stated hours of 8 to 4:30. I finally interrupted the third agent and was like, "How do you actually get to these 24 hour agents?" and she gave me a different 800 number.

**Our apartment building requires registration stickers in every windshield, which I'm not going to bother to seek out for a week at most. And finding on-street parking, while possible, takes more time and patience than I have this month.

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 ♥  Apollonia  ♥

(no subject)

from: pane_carasau079
date: Sep. 3rd, 2017 01:03 pm (UTC)

The fake fall weather is lighting up a lot with some autumn events in your life! I'm not a fan of this weather so soon because I still want to finish off summer with a nice good-bye, but then again, who doesn't love warm sweaters and crisp evenings?

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: Sep. 3rd, 2017 09:52 pm (UTC)

Honestly, I could be perfectly happy with summer weather all the time, hence people often tell me to move to Southern California. But fall has its moments.

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