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The weekend that couldn't fit in one entry.

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Aug. 17th, 2017 | 11:03 pm

Can I please have a quiet fortnight now?

Ok, let's try to get the weekend synopsis down before another weekend arrives!

Saturday started early with Juan messaging me about the gym, because the evening before he'd mentioned he was working out somewhere for the weekend near their hotel, and it was my gym! So I had a banana and water and got my arse in gear. Of course he wasn't even there! I got totally played, but did a workout because I was there anyway. Then I got some Pret food, went back home, and was perfectly content to just take a nap.

I also had to contend with my bank, because as noted in the last entry they flagged my first order from Kiehl's last week as "suspicious." While walking to the gym I got Destiny from Arkansas on the phone and she fixed that in short order.

While I was back home and napping, B called me live from Mario's move from lease-ending house to storage unit to ask for my help. Mario was plenty organized but really just needed more muscle. I'd at least gotten 20 minutes of dozing, so I got dressed and they picked me up in a U-Haul. We went straight back to his place to take furniture and boxes out, which took maybe an hour and 45 minutes but felt like an eternity. Seven steps down from the front door to the street, and 15 long ones from the second floor. Ian also texted about further daydrinking, but I was clearly unavailable. From there we went to Mario's brand new storage unit, unloaded everything, and precariously stacked it in there. Which only took an hour, really, thanks to the storage place having multiple carts at the ready. Then Mario dropped us off, returned the truck while B got ready to work and went there, and later Mario came over to spend the rest of the weekend on our couch.

Sunday was mercifully quieter. Mario did agree to buy me brunch for my efforts, so we met Blake at Duplex. Bradley was not behind the bar, probably at FIP or Provincetown like most everyone else, but Brian was subbing in and we had a merry old time, then Mario went to finish cleaning the house and get his deposit back. I eventually made it out of the house for a run, because my body wasn't in bad enough shape already. :P But seriously, it was nice to use my last bit of free time to be active rather than sit around using the excuse that I was pooped from the rest of the weekend.

Of course, we also learned during the course of the weekend that Brett was in the hospital, so B spent much of his time cajoling her into eating a green thing to jumpstart her recovery. He also heroically picked her up from the hospital on Monday and took her grocery shopping. A prince, that one.

Finally, I did learn thanks to my debit card that the name of the food truck from Friday is Kabob Village, and I should be able to track them down again. A minor but crucial win, for someone that loves to eat as much as I do.

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