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Two Atlantans and 25,000 cosplayers walk into the District of Columbia.

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Aug. 14th, 2017 | 11:35 pm

Then I walk into a bar, because I need a beer to cope.

Welp, way too much went on this weekend and my daily updates quickly fell by the wayside! Here's what went down:

On Thursday Stuart caught me in the act of feeling sorry for myself that seemingly every friend and acquaintance in DC was at one fabulous gay beach or another while I was at work, so he invited me out to Happy Hour. I met he and Steven at Trade, and before long their friend Ben, too. Everyone present (and it was very light, lending credence to my theory at the start of this paragraph) joined me in lightly lamenting our presence in the city instead of a beach but some drinks from Dusty helped cool that off. Also, the window provided excellent people watching because Otacon was just beginning and there many cosplayers about! That actually was true for the entire weekend. From there we briefly stopped across the street for fried rice, then moved up to DC9. We originally had our sights set on the Fleetmac Wood event* but energy petered out and I went home.

Friday at work was nicely productive, but also the last day of one of our interns so I had to hustle out to buy her a gift card in appreciation at lunch, then come back to meet with her and ensure all her projects were wrapped or handed off. While I was getting the card I also happened to get an amazing kabob platter from a food truck. Sadly I didn't get the name of the truck, and there are literally dozens of kabob trucks around the city, but hopefully they park there again soon! Also while at work Ian sent snaps from the ATL airport indicating he was coming for the weekend, which did materialize. I do wish he could give a little advance notice, but still a good thing.

So I met David, Lajuan, Ian, and his friend Juan at Stoney's and caught up on their reason for visiting over chicken tenders. We then walked up to Uproar, and our timing was impeccable because pouring rain started 10 minutes after our arrival. That trapped us there a little longer than we intended but it was still fun with much good music. Eventually we moved over to Town, where we tried to get cash out of the ATM and I promptly failed. It turns out that my bank had frozen my card because my ordering something from Kiehl's for the first time was "suspicious." But I didn't find that out until the next day, so Ian loaned me cash to get by. We ran around Town for a while, then somehow found the energy to stop at Nellie's. I briefly visited Steven in the DJ booth but had no more energy remaining and went home from there.

Speaking of which, I'm falling asleep on my laptop so this weekend story will continue tomorrow.

*It was billed as a Fleetwood Mac themed rave? And as curious as I was to see what that would be like, I had to work the next day so adulthood won out.

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