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The rare two-post day.

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Aug. 2nd, 2017 | 10:45 pm

Someone take my blogging machine away from me.

Immediately after the last post, I fought off inertia and headed to the gym. I was thinking that much of the late crew is super fit and looking like snacks, and then realized that I am part of the late crew! There's some vain motivation to keep the routine going. Plus it was an excellent antidote to sitting down all day resisting the urge to throw my headset on the floor as I got berated by accountants yet again.

Having acquired the George Costanza sweats* in that super humid space, I then made for home. Dozens of tourists on that 15-minute walk made it quite a journey. Almost every group was four to six people, and none really knew where they were going. Much blocking of sidewalks was in play and it was super irritating after a long day of contentious meetings, loud extroverts, and little quiet.

But whatever. I am now home, I had a lovely open-faced hot turkey and gouda sandwich plus risotto for dinner, and was watching Miss Congeniality 2. I'm officially over it, and life is good. And just now B and Mario have returned from watching Spiderman and are ordering kebab delivery. Good night, Irene!

*Not sure how well known this cultural reference is, but it was a Seinfeld episode. And I hate continuing to sweat immediately after showering. Can I move to Palm Springs yet?

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