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"So ... you're the dairy spy."

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Jul. 25th, 2017 | 11:44 pm

Put up to it by the National Dairy Promotion Board, no doubt.

Decided at the spur of the moment to work remotely this morning. I'm about to reach five years of service, and am taking full advantage of the perks! I took my time getting ready and packing lunch, then went to the gym. 11 am is an excellent and low key time to and I got an excellent workout in, only problem being I felt half-dead once I reached my desk.

Jonathan and Gary's visit was lovely! I left work more or less on time on Friday, with multiple text conversations buzzing my phone half to death. I met them at their friend's condo right up the street, in the brand new building that we watched being constructed and were briefly concerned would drop a construction crane on us. Frankly the unit is super oddly shaped* and didn't make smart use of the space, so I can now drool over it a little less. Can I please speak to the architect?

From there we met Andrew and walked over to dinner at Rice. Lovely food and cold beers, but there was not much in the way of air conditioning and that made it less pleasant. At least the spring rolls and red curry were excellent to compensate. Then we met Patrick Ry. at Trade, and had some good catchup conversations (apparently G and J met him the last time they were in DC?). Nasser and Brendan were also there briefly. We finished the night at Green Lantern for Steve's next party but did not get the chance to really hang out with him as he was way up in the DJ booth.

Visits to town are starting to ramp up. Next is Emily, for dinner next Monday!

*Maybe the units that don't face the street are more logically laid out, but then you're facing either an alley or the gas station next door. Infill is hard!

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