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My kitchen counters are crying out to be left alone.

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Jul. 19th, 2017 | 12:07 am

And other mundane chore stories.

Prepped breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tomorrow's lunch during my whirlwind work-from-home day. I am reasonably proud of this mundane achievement, but it required a lot more cleaning than I would have liked. At the least I emptied the dishwasher while on a conference call. After that I marched off to the gym, later than I had planned, because what good is a WFH day if I can't get to the gym at 2 pm? In any case the crowds weren't too bad at 4:30 and I got cardio plus some ab work in. And only 10 minutes in the sauna this time!

I also got through two loads of laundry this evening and feel pretty good about that. I rarely get to it on weekdays, and to have that completed by Tuesday makes the rest of the week that much easier. In addition to work, Jon Barnes just announced on FB that he is coming into DC for a few days, so I hope to have some downtime to hang out with him. His last visit was swell, not least because he could identify every single flower that we walked by during the unseasonably warm December, we had some excellent meals, and we went to the strip club. We will see what happens during this trip!

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