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I do it for the kids.

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May. 21st, 2017 | 10:26 pm

Well, not the brunch part. But they can't drink mimosas anyway.

As promised when I signed up, I did run the 10K this morning with Bobby and his coworker/friend Casey. I did not, however, replace my running shoes but that was not really a problem. And I fit in enough training before and after the NY trip that I felt comfortable with my preparedness and the distance.

I woke up ludicrously early for a Sunday, got in the car*, and parked over by the SEC. Then I walked down to Stanton Park and attempted to find the check-in area. Because this race was benefitting the elementary school right across the street, there were multiple child volunteers helping out, including some with megaphones. I got my bib and T-shirt ... and then (sorry, TMI) immediately had to poop. At least the organizers had arranged for a line of port-a-johns in the parking lot, and I had enough time, so that was that. With that done I went back over to the park, met up with Bobby and Casey and lined up.

The race itself went pretty well, with really mild weather and a well-marked course. The residents of Capitol Hill were also on their stoops and corners randomly cheering while chugging coffee, so I liked the vibe of the race too. My time was perfectly serviceable, though could not compare with Bobby who is a total beast. I staggered back into the park from the finish line, lined up for bananas and granola bars, then met up with everyone and we chatted about their upcoming Memorial Day beach experiences and other randomness. Finally I changed out of the trunk of the car and we met Adam C. for brunch at Bistro Cacao, which appears to be in the brunch game mostly for the drinks. The food was perfectly forgettable, but we had lovely company and champagne so it didn't matter. Definitely need to spend more time with these characters, especially because they know Capitol Hill so much better than me.

At one point I had a wild hair to also run the Pride 5K, but decided against it. Pride Weekend is just too packed already, plus running a race every three weeks is more pressure than I really want to stay limber and trained. So that means no races on the horizon; I am sure another will pop up before the end of the year.

*Yes, I have driven to two foot races this year. If our transit was less terrible on the weekends, it would be easier for me to avoid this quasi-irony.

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