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Yes, Virginia, storm drains in Manhattan really can overflow.

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May. 7th, 2017 | 10:43 am

Liquid apocalypse on 34th Street.

Thursday had been an insanely full day, so I took it somewhat easier on Friday. I had another crowded breakfast, but goddamn if the hotel staff didn't keep plying me with bacon and coffee.

The resistance* is design-savvy.

The weather finally stopped cooperating with me, with cold rain off and on. I still had a few hours before having to check out, though, and wasn't going to be back in Lower Manhattan for the rest of the trip so I got my umbrella and marched off to the Brooklyn Bridge. There was no Steve to meet me in the middle but still an awesome piece of infrastructure with great views, and I'm glad I did it. Plus the weather scared away many of the crowds!

During a pause in the rain. So glad I came!

My hotel is just behind the white building at left-center with the funky line patterns.

This building looks shockingly more appealing with windows. And though not visible here, the same treatment is being done at street level working upward. Compare vs. its former look.

From there I walked back toward City Hall and got a few snaps of that, though it is not possible to get close unless on official business. Maybe I should have applied for a permit of some sort as an excuse.

I'm here to speak with a very tall mayor.

Sadly I then had to get packing, so I returned, showered, finished that and checked out. On my way to the train it was raining yet harder, and upon exiting Penn Station the sidewalks were flooded in every direction. Getting the short four blocks to my new hotel was an exercise in futility, and once I was in the new room (bigger this time!) and dry my mood improved greatly. I had a quick workout on the hotel gym elliptical/weights then went out to Trader Joe's for snacks. Once I was convinced the storm had really moved on, I took a jaunt further uptown to see more stuff.

Would get closer later in the week.

Big. Ass. Post. Office.

I also had a grand idea to run through Topshop, given that we have no B&M stores in DC, but sadly did not find anything promising. Finally, I wouldn't necessarily wish a Times Square experience on even my enemies, but it does contain a number of things I wanted to see so I grinned and bore it. Chief among these was the former Bertelsmann Building, whose developers had the supposed distinction** of losing more money on this than any development in American history at the time. Who said real estate was all roses? :) I think they did a good job, to their credit, and it has been mostly occupied for decades after the first few vacant years.

Perhaps the best US high rise that came out of 1990, IMO.

And that was my less frenetic but still full day! On Saturday morning began the conference-going, and socializing, and the eating. Stay tuned for more.

*Also in this post I've linked the photos to larger versions so you can see larger versions, and read the billboard if you like. :)

**There is an entire book about it, in fact. The author claims their loss was $200 million, but that figure seems both suspiciously round and not as precisely calculated as it could be. Anyhow, I enjoyed the story and it highlights how nutty you must be to replace an entire block in Midtown with something new.

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