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This goose was probably not a Christian.

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Dec. 26th, 2016 | 06:33 pm

But we committed gluttony in his name anyway.

Christmas turned out to be lovely, after all the stress of shopping and wrapping up work beforehand. We slept late, had coffee, and opened gifts at home in the early afternoon. While I still don't have B's primary gift, I will get it to him next week. No need to succumb to calendar pressure for no good reason. He liked the other gifts, and he got me some super nice shoes. My brother and his parents also sent us nice things, though I am going to have to cull my closet to make space.

Then we went over to Elliott and Stu's apartment around 5 for dinner. They moved just in October to this lovely building and I like it very much! It's a corner unit so has a weird layout, but that also includes a huge bedroom, and a nice dining nook. Since we were early we watched random Christmas specials (including Taraji P. Henson's, which was very random but better than expected) while eating cheeses and crudités, then finally had dinner around 8:30. The menu: celeriac soup with balsamic glaze, roast goose, some sort of berry sauce*, mashed potatoes with ample chives, elk meatballs, brussels sprouts with bacon, and sparkling rosé. It was most excellent.

After that we played games on the Playstation, then switched over to Dutch Blitz and Rummikub. Ben G. came over at that point, had a plate, and then joined us. We ended up staying there until almost 3:30! And I improved my Dutch Blitz skills significantly over the last time I played, at Elliott's former place. Today has been very light on responsibilities, which is most excellent. I dropped B at work, then took a long walk to get my steps in for the day. The city is delightfully empty! Then I popped into the liquor store and CVS, now I'm back here. Will pick up B in a few minutes, and then we have to tackle dinner. I kind of want to raid Stu's kitchen to eat more elk meatballs but will resist.

*In my hunger and haste, I poured this on my mashed potatoes thinking it was gravy. It was still delicious.

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