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I'm tired of writing about it, and you're tired of hearing about it.

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Dec. 4th, 2016 | 09:14 pm

Think of how the coders must feel.

New Project (which I have never named despite having seven months to do so) launches Monday, finally. So to reach that point, I spent 11 of the 20 working days of November in the Suburbs Office, mostly locked in a room with the devs trying to get everything right. I'm proud that we have gotten this far, but holy cats am I also burned out. I also worked 5.5 hours yesterday as well as 2ish hours today, blah. We are basically ready, though.

Today after proofing some documents and verifying I didn't have any more tickets awaiting my input, I went to brunch at Duplex with Blake. Pretty decent food and mimosas, but we were crowded into a tiny space at the bar probably meant for 1.5 persons only drinking cocktails. From there I went across the street to The Blaguard to see B and Jess C., fully engrossed in the Ravens-Dolphins game. They were having a grand old time with the bartender but sadly I didn't have enough time to really have fun there, as I had to leave to dial in to the final standup call with the devs.

Now that I've achieved that, I did some crosswords and sat around being lazy. B is also putting the finishing touches on dinner, thankfully. Then I should get to bed early, and try to be at my desk by 8:30. Basically the first 90 minutes of my day are my only hope to get non-New Project tasks completed before a tidal wave of bugs and questions and data discrepancies engulfs us all. But the upside is that I'm back in the DC office for good! My car did not have a great time driving up to the Suburbs so much, and the traffic was horrendous most of the time.

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