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This is mostly a reminder to myself.

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Nov. 21st, 2016 | 11:19 pm

After all I can't spend an entire five day weekend at the mall.

Doesn't this sound like both a fun event and a good cause? I am posting here so I remember to actually go see it. The National Building Museum is a lovely space and is more or less between home and work for me. So I could even see it after work tomorrow, assuming I have my ish together.

Thanksgiving planning is ramping up in a big way. We officially decided to move the dinner from Brett's house to Mario's, with the benefit of a larger kitchen and a place with cable. Tomorrow B is going to do most of the grocery shopping after his dentist appointment. Then on Wednesday I'll be the ringer, picking up any items he may have missed plus my side dish and pie ingredients, and probably have to haul buckets of brine around town as we usually do.

And on that note, I'm officially off work Wednesday. Annoyingly, Boss Man is on a site visit tomorrow so he had rescheduled our weekly meeting for Wednesday afternoon, when I didn't want to be there at all. But his assistant intervened today and cancelled it! Woo. I'm going to do my best to tie knots as needed tomorrow, but it gets incrementally harder with each person that is already on vacation. Five days off are filling up quickly, between the above-mentioned plans, preparing for them, possible Black Friday shopping, reading, the 5K, and whatever other exercise I'll need to do post-stuffing.

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