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Can I sell you pumpkin pie futures?

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Nov. 15th, 2016 | 10:37 pm

I'm going to buy six and then be too full to have any.

All of the madness of November has kept this in the back of my mind, but Thanksgiving is in nine days! We are going to Brett's new place in Columbia Heights, where I am told the kitchen is big. This is crucial because ours is tiny, and though we pulled it off last year, it was far less than ideal to cook for ten people in that space. I will enjoy the stuffing and the daylong lounging with our chosen city family, but I also look forward to the downtime. The day before, I will in fact be working from home which is a thin, thin excuse we all use to be manically driving from store to store in a desperate search for sage.

Other than the eat-a-thon with friends, the significance of the day is that I will be running the same 5K as last year. I was only able to convince one coworker to do it with me, but Andrew will be there, as well as Melisa, Rudy, and their running group. So I am trying to keep up the running routine and call it "training," even if that is on a treadmill.

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