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I couldn't catch my friends if they were falling in slow motion.

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Oct. 26th, 2016 | 10:51 pm

Maybe I should befriend a crash test dummy and practice.

Let's see how much catching up I can do for y'all. As expected, my phone finally stopped charging last Friday night and would not recover. I woke up early Saturday, quickly researched my options, and went to the Verizon store (with an interim stop at Pret for breakfast and coffee in case I'd have to wait). There were plenty of people working there so I got attention right away and was able to get a 6S, which totally works for me. Within 45 minutes the nice lady had gotten me squared away, except that I only got about 3/4 of my contacts into the new phone. Will eventually get the rest from the backup on my laptop.

Of course not everything could go so swimmingly. I went to the gym and discovered my locker lock was not in my bag, so I did a leg workout with my wallet and two phones in my pockets. I probably looked ridiculous, but it got the job done and nothing was stolen! I later discovered the lock on the floor under my desk at work. From there I went to Nordstrom Rack to look for birthday gifts for B, but didn't have luck. So my successful shopping was at REI on Sunday and Urban Outfitters on Monday. Last night I did hand off the gifts and they were well-received. The actual birthday shenanigans were just drinks at DC9, nice and low-key. Symone was in fine form and we got to watch a few innings of the World Series, so it was fun all around and we were home reasonably early.

Quite an eventful evening at the gym tonight! I crammed all of my stuff into a locker (not taking the lock for granted!), stretched and went upstairs to the fancy ellipticals. I set one for 32 minutes and was well over halfway through my workout when two ladies in their early 20s came up the stairs and turned to exit. Before they'd gotten three paces beyond me, one of them slumped backwards and started collapsing. To her credit, it is a very long flight of stairs and I can understand how folks might feel light-headed after a strenuous workout plus ascending them. But I had not seen that in my 11 months there, and the staff there tonight certainly have been there less time. Her friend* immediately caught her, and by the time the gym staff, me and other nearby gymgoers reached them, Best Friend had already lowered her to the floor, removed her backpack to put behind her head, and lifted her legs to get her blood flowing back where it needed to. It was an impressive showing. Anyhow, Best Friend said she has a heart condition and that this happens sometimes and isn't as alarming as it might appear. So the gym staff finally aroused her and she eventually just came back up and walked out. A very nondescript ending to what first appeared to be a super dramatic situation.

*Super friend, for real. Everybody needs a gym buddy like this.

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 ♥  Apollonia  ♥

(no subject)

from: pane_carasau079
date: Oct. 27th, 2016 11:14 am (UTC)

Good call on keeping the important items with you if you do not have a lock. People can be brutal. Just be cautious if you still throw items in a locker without securing it.

I used to work at a gym and recall an issue where a lady left her items unlocked in her "favorite" locker. When she came out of the shower, she saw that her locker was locked by someone else. She had to come around to the front desk in a towel, soaked and angry. I remember (after confirming with her that she was 100% confident this was the locker she used) using a large plier to break this lock. Lo behold, her large bag and sneakers were on the bottom and someone shoved their jacket and purse on top. It was impossible that the other person didn't see the items so it was obvious she either was careless, or had plans to steal.

I warned the lady to not keep her items unattended, but I think all she could think about was putting on some warm clothes. :/

Edited at 2016-10-27 11:15 am (UTC)

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from: silverthief2
date: Oct. 28th, 2016 12:36 am (UTC)

Yeah, I will never keep my stuff unsecured if I can help it!

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