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Committing to more frequent short entries.

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Sep. 10th, 2016 | 10:52 pm

Because y'all LJers are providing inspiration on that front.

Blake's birthday dinner last night (at Duplex; where else do we ever go?) was fun. Tyler, Joe, Darryl, Mattie, Kenny, and me. We had a new server but Kelly also delivered us drinks to the table, so we ended up with two for many single orders. And my dinner was the steak salad; if they ever take that off the menu I will be the saddest. We finished out the night at DIK where I saw Scott as I often do there.

Today has been complete with self-indulgent laziness. Though we did spot clean the living room carpet and take care of the laundry! So I feel pretty good about that. More entries tomorrow?

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