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I was young enough.

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Jun. 16th, 2016 | 08:35 pm

Or maybe the aging is only visible on the inside.

Without any hitches, I successfully completed the last week. Chicago was actually pretty great, because I got to run along the lake and then spend 1.5 days meaningfully connecting with coworkers, then spent a few hours in the SkyClub at ORD and then went home. Perfect amount of everything. :)

And I completed the 5K with decent results. I was especially not enamored of the hot, humid weather, but I still did ok all things considered.

:: dance dance ::

The rest of Pride was pretty nice, though clearly Sunday was tempered by the horrific Orlando shootings. I ran into Josh B. while queuing up for the race and we talked briefly. He and Brett moved again, and are now back right near where they used to live, in Atlantic Plumbing this time. After the run we milled around having beer and watermelon slices, then I met Blake at Declaration for a little pizza. On Saturday I got a haircut right at 11, then bought champagne and Andrew and I headed to Chris and Josh's brunch. That was over two hours of standing around eating bacon slices and yakking, then we went back to the city to watch the parade.

My sorority squat could use some work.

Sunday was relatively low-key; B had to go work the Dew Drop anniversary party so was out of pocket. I puttered around at home most of the day and then went back to Nellie's for more fun around 5; the Pride crowds were still a mess, but it was mostly fun. Jack had come in for the weekend but we hadn't seen him yet, plus as we all arrived the Nats game got interesting. Jayson Werth is my fifth (?) boyfriend now.

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