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The rest of the story.

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Jan. 18th, 2016 | 10:15 pm

All text, photos later.

I took Friday off of work, which was a great idea in general because the days before long weekends are always short-staffed and a scramble to get stuff done even if it isn't your own duties. So best to be one of the ones that's just absent. :) I went to the gym and did a great workout in the morning, which helped with my confidence levels. Then I walked to Chinatown, got a quesadilla from CalTort, and went down to the Mall to sit and eat it on a bench. Nice weather for late January; the temperature may have cracked 60!

From there Dave texted that he was in the hotel and had gotten to his room, so I walked over there. Within 40 minutes we'd talked about rules and expectations, following which we gave each other golden showers. Hah. Then we cleaned up, got dressed and went down to the exhibit floor. Except we were too early and they hadn't opened yet. So back up to the room where he was chatted up by a nice Canadian couple that agreed to give him facials. We went down to their room (one floor immediately below ours!) and compared notes about prior MAL years, then Dave got down to business sucking their dicks. :) I watched and jerked off a little while that all happened, then he got jizzed on and we continued to chat. They were actually very nice company and kind of cute! It was a shame we didn't see them again that weekend.

Finally, he cleaned up and we went back to the exhibit hall. I wore my silly crop top, with gym shorts that had the lining cut out and were thus see-through over a jock strap. All black, because why not! He tried on harnesses at a few places and got a really great-looking neoprene one in the end. While he was trying them on, one of the boys staffing a booth complimented my butt, and then spanked me a little. Love the attention!

Then back up to the room, and another golden shower for me. I cleaned up, then we spent a little time in the lobby chilling with people as they arrived. Unfortunately I then had to go home, so that was all of Friday.

On Saturday night, I returned about 9:45 and the hotel. was. nuts. Huge lines to get to both elevator banks, so I waited for almost half an hour while a random guy in front of me offered his boyfriend's butt for free spankings. That was ... amusing. I finally got up to the room, changed into my new assless briefs and shoes, and that became my outfit for the evening. What else does one need? :) I also convinced Jason to come over and he did, and of course changed in front of us all because why not. Bobby and Adam also showed up, which was encouraging! I didn't think Adam was into the scene, but he did and even had a harness. I did a tour of the lobby with folks including Zach and Leet but it was honestly just so crazily crowded that the room was better. So after more of us were gathered up in the room, Kyle took a fancy to spanking me and did that for a while, which was all the more enjoyable because there were 10+ guys watching me. I definitely had red marks for a couple of days after. Good times.

Finally after most of the crowd had cleared out, I took the vibrating dildo into the bathroom and had some fun with that. Eventually Jason and Dave joined me in there and we had a little photo shoot, then relocated back to a bed where I got off. And let me just say, after all that, I had one of the longest orgasms of my life. Like, I would estimate it at 3-4 minutes, but I very much lost all sense of time. A bit later Bobby and Adam came back from downstairs and was feeling pretty confident so I stayed naked, so now they've seen all that. From there I cleaned up and went home. Pretty good weekend!

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(no subject)

from: dendren
date: Jun. 2nd, 2016 03:28 pm (UTC)

nice... very nice. cute playful boy!

and the pics???? ;)

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