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Just call me Joe Potluck.

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May. 15th, 2016 | 03:40 pm

Actually, don't. That's weird.

Lots has happened since the last post! I would say I really ought to have done more LJ posts in the interim, but there hasn't really been time free to do that.

As reported we went to Serg's birthday barbecue last Sunday and spent the majority of the day there. Serg and Kelly have a lovely end unit townhouse with a super nice sunroom and back deck and a long triangular side yard, so we soaked up as much sun as possible, which later would turn out to be important. They had ordered BBQ chicken, brisket, and cheddar-stuffed sausage, plus there were three kinds of potato salad, a pot of beans, B's mac and cheese, collards, and more that I've probably forgotten. Some folks played cornhole, we all drank much beer but barely made a dent in the coolers, and it was a lovely chill Sunday.

I spent Monday at the Suburbs Office, where I expect to be at least once a week for the next few months on New Project. In addition to that 2.5 hour meeting, I interacted with various people that I rarely see in person, including one of the IT guys that generously loaned me an iPhone charger. On the way home I got a little lost trying to find the only nearby gas station that gives me the grocery store gas point discount. It wasn't even far away, but Columbia has little interest in retail uses being easily visible and much interest in meandering, "scenic" streets that are hard to actually navigate by car or on foot. And there's much other work news afoot, but I think that will get its own entry in the near future.

On Wednesday I went to the Nats game with Blake and Jack. They were a little disorganized, but Blake and I managed a couple of beers in the Bullpen before going in to the park. Jack had brought along a coworker stationed in South Africa that was in DC for the week, so we got to talk a little about his work. And we spent more time sitting in our seats than we ever do! Thank you, Max Scherzer, for striking out 20 batters and making baseball super entertaining (yes, I am the worst MLB fan ever and primarily go to games to socialize outside). Broworker #1 even came up to me on Friday afternoon and expressed his jealousy that I was there while he was out of town for work. He went to see the Nats-Marlins game Friday night, which was not as exciting.

Friday I met Blake and friends at Duplex for a quick drink, but it was too crowded because there were two events going on simultaneously plus usual suspects. I talked to Patrick and Kevin for <5 minutes before they vacated, then had a drink while being elbowed and we quickly escaped to Larry's, where there was at least patio space. Saw Matt H., Scott C., Joe Z., and their friend Edgar and spent some time yakking with them, which was fun. We ended the night at JR's which was the same as always except that neither Jimmy or Joey were working so I had no fun bartenders to talk to.

And my mention of enjoying the sun last Sunday was crucial, because we've continued to have rain and overcast skies the entire week. It luckily didn't rain during the Nats game, but it was still dreary and cooler than average for May. I've been that annoying guy noting that I grew up with 300+ days of annual sunshine and am not accustomed to this. But then again, neither are most people.

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