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Most productive Saturday so far this year.

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Apr. 30th, 2016 | 04:47 pm

I may let this record stand for all of 2016, because laziness.

I made my triumphant return* to the gym this morning for a chest and shoulders workout. It went fine and the weather has kept people away, but just having a cheese stick was definitely not sufficient nourishment. I cut my sauna time from 15 minutes to 5, then managed to shower and dress without passing out. From there I went straight to Panera for a salad and apple, then to my hair appointment. The salon was crazy busy with regulars plus people getting cuts and blowouts for the White House Correspondents' Dinner; weird how this is a bizarre local holiday.

Also, the salon was not having their greatest day. About halfway through my haircut someone in the building lit up a joint, and it was extremely obvious to everyone in the back. Rusty and I kind of laughed it off but others weren't so amused; the receptionist came over to grill all the workers once it reached him in the front, but didn't find the culprit (I think it was a customer in the bathroom). Then less than 2 minutes later Rusty turned around and knocked my drink off the counter and all over the floor in front of me. Immediately he and another staff member were sopping it up with towels while I tried to keep my cape dry. So with all that excitement, I was in there almost two hours. At least we did get to catch up extensively; he went to Boulder at more or less the same time I was in the West. Now I have bucket list items to do in Colorado.

When I got back I checked off another thing: just signed up for my first race since the Turkey Trot! This time it's the Pride 5K here in DC. A Friday evening in June might be grossly hot, but at least that means I don't have to wear layers like at Thanksgiving! Dave K., Zach, and I are going to run it together, possibly with more folks if we can get them to sign up before the race sells out.

Now that all that is complete, I have two loads of laundry in dryers. I ought to go fold and put away then catch up on my friends' list so I have a free evening to watch the WHCD!

*Though I've been running and to hotel gyms on the road, I hadn't been since March 29th! Oops.

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