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Ready for the desert!

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Apr. 1st, 2016 | 01:42 am

But not for Arizona's shunning of Daylight Saving Time.

I'm all packed, and even did a load of laundry tonight. That wasn't dire, but only to ensure that a couple of garments that I wanted could be packed without having to do laundry during my trip. Realistically, I could do laundry while out in Phoenix if needed, as there is a washer and dryer in my AirBnB. But I would rather not have to resort to that as I will be busy. Based on prior experience, it's possible that I would also need to hunt down laundry detergent, so I feel better that I won't need to burn time on that stuff there.

Today I worked from home, which was a very good move. When not hunched over my laptop typing, I was writing the rent check, handing over the mail key to B, packing, and fetching needed things from CVS. These are all minor items but would have been compacted into a tiny part of the evening had I been at the office. Also I had time to meet Rohan and Andrew at Wonderland for drinks and dinner and to see B briefly. Totally worth it (and rumor has it we may also have popped into Trade for one vodka).

So I continue my tradition of not being at work either the day before or the day after a trip. Upon my return Thursday night I will have to report to work the next morning, but my Wednesday is deliberately empty in order to ease the transition. Don't tell anyone. ;) My itinerary itself had been prepared for a few weeks, so I'm ready to reconnect with folks in both New Mexico and Arizona! Let the nerd-dom commence.

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