jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Various office drudgery

At least no one shot at me.

The two main projects I needed to complete at work today really didn't go as planned. On the first one I'm actually farther behind than last week and I'm not feeling certain that it remains doable in its current form; so tomorrow I need to hash that out with Boss Man. I'm hopeful I can recommend an alternate strategy that will still achieve what we need.

On the second one I didn't get what I needed emailed to me until I was already back home for the evening, and the documents aren't with me. Even so I had hoped to complete and email that off on Friday, so it's annoying to be this far behind for such a minor reason. So that's for tomorrow morning.

But this is all small potatoes, because this afternoon some dumbass started shooting in the Capitol Visitor Center and hit a cop (he will be ok, say the media) before being arrested. Given that we are 1/4 mile from the Capitol that is a bit alarming. And I was toying with the idea of running on the Mall after work, which clearly did not happen. Soooo I will feel better knowing at least my job doesn't entail grave physical danger.
Tags: beaming house hq, district, news
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