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"Haven't you noticed how shiny and flake-free our hair is?"

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Mar. 26th, 2016 | 05:46 pm

Twenty points if you guess the movie.

Every presidential election since I can remember has been a total festuche (and I'm certain they were like that farther in the past, even before Lee Atwater), so it's not surprising to me. But I'm still annoyed by the idiocy of the campaigns. Our average household income is down 10% since 2000, heroin overdoses and opioid addictions are popping up all over the country, and state legislatures are smacking down local attempts at LGBT protections. So yes, of course what we should all be spending our time worrying about is the appearance of the candidates' spouses. That'll fix it. Also, my primary is literally the last one, so I can't even feel the tiny therapeutic lift of casting a vote until June.

In other news, work yesterday turned out to be fine. There are rumors that someone was yelled at to the point of crying in a morning meeting but I haven't confirmed that. For my part I have kept my portfolio sufficiently together that I'm not worried about being next. After that and a quick workout, I met up with Gary, Ian, and Dave yesterday for dinner at Melt Shop. Grilled cheese has no business being that delicious. While we ate we discussed travel plans of past and future, and I am way jealous of all the time G+I got to spend in France and St Barths recently.

Already had a veggie scramble for a late breakfast, vacuumed the carpets and tidied up the kitchen. I have two loads of laundry going while I watch the movie that spawned the title quote. I'll probably also need to get two more going after they're done with the sheets and kitchen towels. This is the most domestic I ever plan to be.

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Susan Dennis

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