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(written on the next day ... must get out of procrastinating)

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Feb. 10th, 2002 | 11:26 pm
mood: distresseddistressed
music: Incubus "Make Yourself"

Hrm ... first entry ... seeing as everyone reading this has never read my journal before (800 pages of handwritten madness) you can just figure out my madness as you read, and IM me or post messages if you just don't get it ...

A couple of things:
--Immediately after waking up, Alexis called me and announced that i was going to Schoolkidz with her, so we walked over there and she spent lots of time running aimless loops around the store cos she had forgotten her album list ... eventually, she got what she wanted and after we left she started telling me about how much she liked the guy at the counter ... yeah, he was an emo boy with the glasses and a "really really really cute smile" and the Goodwill shirt and the and the emo boy hair ... she was overwhelmed by the "emoness" ... so yeah, a random fun journey to Ninth Street ...

--So ... yeah ... after slacking the rest of the day, i finally IMed Brian about whether or not he was actually interested in me, and apparently he wasn't ... fine it was disappointing but at least i knew right? wrong! so an hour later, he IMs me again and asks if i want to go for coffee ... i figure this must have been an effort to stay friends with me, but we ended up talking for an hour and a half outside the Trinity Partition and in his room about random things and i suspect it could have gone all night if i hadn't needed to go to the bathroom (i had, after all, drank a quart of sweet tea and a tall hot chocolate in a few hours' time) ... so i definitely need to avoid situations like that if we're just gonna be friends ...

--So all of this madness made me crazy, and Alexis and I stayed in the commons room of GA talking about boys and their inherent evilness for a long time, and then i went to run around the East Quad five times to get it out of my system ... it helped, but Jenny thought i had lost a bet ... funny stuff ...

People of the Day - Alexis (desperately seeking an emo boy age 18-22 ... she made me write that), Brian, Sarah, and Eddie
Hot Boy of the Day - Brian ... in all his evilness ... but at least he's going to San Francisco on thursday so i can have time to be away from him)
Quote of the Day - "Brandon Boyd rocks my world."
--stolen from Sarah's Shirley Bassey thing

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