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Is a marble rye bagel a physical possibility?

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Mar. 19th, 2016 | 11:38 pm

And if so, why have I not had a Bagel Reuben?

Not long after I wrote about the woes and eventual triumph of our fledgling streetcar, DC had a much bigger transit fail on Tuesday as Metro announced the entire Metrorail system would close the entire next day for emergency equipment inspections. This has literally never happened since it opened, at least not for this reason. Winter weather has sometimes closed the whole system only because snow and ice prevented trains from traversing outdoor tracks between yards and the underground sections of each line. That didn't impact me as I don't take the train to or from work, but since many of my coworkers do they had the option to work remotely. And it was just a very confusing and sudden news item, but they reopened as usual on Thursday morning.

Adam A. was in town from Boston Thursday, so he picked me up in his rental car and we drove to H St. for lunch. Which feels like an unimaginable luxury when I haven't driven to work in ... probably 18 months. Anyhow, we went to the"Irish" pub* on St. Patrick's Day and the bartender 1) gave us waters before we had even sat down and 2) implored us to be safe after we paid our check. I salute their being on top of the potential shenanigans of 3/17 day drinkers, but we only had a beer each. At the least the Duke game was on, and we watched and tried to guess facts about their first round opponent, UNC-Wilimington.

I finished out the workday and then met an array of people at Nellie's, including Brett, Blake, Jack (fresh off a plane from MRY), Justin, Andrew, Rohan, and Adam. When I first walked in a sort of intoxicated man started razzing me about my Michigan hat, and it came out that he was an Ohio State fan (though wearing green so who could have guessed) and it was his birthday. I corrected the many errors he made about his own team's standing and about Big Ten football in general, then talked to Kenny for a second and went upstairs. Justin also handed us Irish car bombs as soon as we got up there, so that was an interesting start to the evening. Bleh. But Derrick was the one actually bartending so I managed to get back to Stoli sodas and had a chicken sandwich with curly fries too. Probably the best meal I've had there in months. Andrew and I headed home around 8:30.

*It bills itself as an Irish pub and a Jewish deli. And the deli half of the storefront sells highly regarded bagels. You too can take our brand new streetcar to this joint when you visit DC!

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from: silverthief2
date: Mar. 20th, 2016 10:34 pm (UTC)

They should be, right?!

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