jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Kindles tend to break if you throw them across the room.

Yet another advantage of dead-tree editions of books.

You know I didn't like a book when I list it for sale on Amazon within 90 seconds of finishing. And that was a rage-finish, plowing through the final chapters just so I could deny the author the pleasure of being so loathsome that I gave up.

Lesson: no more book recommendations from the Wall Street Journal.

In other news, the barrage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Invented Sale Days has been pretty intense. And predictably it has turned me off from actually shopping, though I do in fact need some stuff for myself and am in the early stages of Christmas gift shopping. The two purchases I did make all weekend, from the couch: 1) a kooky shirt and a jock strap from a Canadian shop partially motivated by the favorable USD-CAD exchange rate; and 2) a new book, and one I expect to actually enjoy. While it makes its way to me among the billions of packages floating around the country, I'm working through my shelf of other books that I've left partially finished. In these cases it wasn't hatred of the authors, I promise.
Tags: books, shopping
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