jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Using legs, then eating legs.

I outran the turkey.

I haven't done an organized race ever as an adult, mainly because they occur super early in the moring. But that's not a great reason, and I am actually a decent runner. Thus as I mentioned earlier I signed up for the Thanksgiving morning 5K downtown to benefit SOME, a worthy cause if there ever was one. The race was something insane like 12,000 participants, and the total fundraised was reported as $634,000+. Pretty nifty.

2015 SOME Trot For Hunger 5K results.jpg
Proof I ran that far in an organized capacity.

It was actually warmer than anticipated, almost 50 degrees, and clear. So that was helpful. I walked down there with Melisa and her running group buddy Rudy, milled around for a bit, and then met up with my coworkers to take a group photo. I haven't received a copy yet, but will post when I do. Then I ran on my own, mostly for the sake of convenience. The run wasn't difficult, but to have thousands of other people on the route jockeying for space was a tad awkward. Anyhow, I'm happy with my time, knowing I was not going to get close to the winners (the overall 1st place runner did a 4:56 pace!) and I was done and back home by 10.

Thanksgiving went swimmingly. Our guests brought over lots of booze (and Jason had some lovely edibles for us!), and we watched several movies before, during, and after the meal. I believe the lineup was Vacation, Jurassic World, and Mad Max: Fury Road. The food was marvelous, and we ate right at 5 as planned, then Stu, Brian, and I went to Duplex for late drinks around 10. Perfectly lovely holiday.
Tags: holidays, movies, omg i love food, races, running
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