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The prize is always more grapes.

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Nov. 18th, 2015 | 10:40 pm
music: Kelis "Fourth of July (Clockwork Remix)"

Choking down all dat grape juice.

Work is out of control busy right now. Everyone is trying to get as much as possible achieved so that they can take next week either entirely off or coast through 2.5 days before we all go on vacation. So the result is attempting to get two weeks of work done in half that time, but with at least twice the stress level. Because no matter how much more efficient I get, the prize will be yet more duties.

I'm not thrilled about that in general, but the work itself has been more interesting than usual. For example, we are foraying into a number of new cities where we've never worked ... and indeed it appears no one in the company ever has. It's a laundry list of non-coastal small urban America, places that are often quirky but usually with genuine people and lovely landscapes. And in one place where our contract was up and the team was about to present their final recommendations and be done, a small problem cropped up. So we literally had to extend our contract by a month because the city manager had to race to a sinkhole.

Thanksgiving is alllllmost here. B and I are likely to host a small number of folks remaining in town for dinner. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow before all the good taters are gone. We haven't hosted any type of group meal here in a long time, partially because the kitchen is so small. But we are going to manage just fine; the table even has a leaf to be expandable for six people, maybe eight if they're especially open-minded.

And I believe I'll be running the SOME-sponsored 5K that morning. A few coworkers are doing it, as well as Andrew and his sister, giving the advantage of some company while I do it. And my new gym is proudly touting that they'll be open until 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day, so I could pop over there and also do a bit of a post-run lift if I choose. But there's a 50-50 chance I'll just come home and lift slices of pie to my face. After all I've been there eight days in a row counting this evening, so I think a break may be in order.

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